Click! Click! Flash! - Take a look BTS on a WS Photoshoot

Let us take you behind the scenes of our last photoshoot & show you how all the magic happens in The World of White Sands.

To create these dreamy pastel shots the WS Shoot Crew spent their afternoon on a very windy & overcast beach (thinking of warmer places). Needless to say it was well worth it, and we are so happy & excited to share these with you.


Channeling a Tropical Oasis + Island Va-Cays 

(BYO Palm Fronds were provided by a crew members garden. We looked completely normal standing on the beach acting like a tree.)

Zoe having some fun (Baywatch Style) in the Playa Maillot- Hot Pink


Behind the Scenes: Pixie at work

Zoe playing up to the camera for some fun video content


Photoshoot images dropping soon. Keep posted on our Facebook + Instagram for more White Sands snaps + new garments announcements.


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Photographed by Pixie Bella

Videography by Tyra Jane

Makeup & Hair by Nikki Mitchell

Model: Zoe Hoad

Sunglasses by Sunday Somewhere


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